Monday, July 27, 2009


The courses that I am taking in Foundation Studies are World of Business, statistics and English in the fist semester.Now,in the second semester I have Strategic Management and marketing,Accounting,Economic and English.I chose world of business because I studied it before at high school,therefore,I have a knowledge that will help me in my study.In addition,I like to read about business and economic affairs and this was my decision.This subject gives me a brief description of the business world that will be very useful.English course is important that is my second language and I must understand it.It helps me even after I graduated because I travel a lot and English is international language that helps me to communicate with others.
In my opinion,I do not think that family or friend opinion is very important,therefore,it recommended to talk with them to get an idea.In the other hand,I took the courses that interest me and what I want to study.Beside I like what I chose,it is easy for me.It also opens a good future job because many companies in my country are offered Opportunities to work.My major is management and my courses are useful and can help at University.My ambition is to become a successful businessman or manager of a company but I prefer to do and manage my own business.

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