Monday, July 27, 2009


My farewell was sad and I do not like this moment because I left my country and I will be alone for the next 6 months and that was my plan in New Zealand.
There were not any parties or celebrations by friends and family because of my travel arrangements.Furthermore,After I booked the airline tickets and I received the confirmation from CCEL,I started to organize my baggage and read about New Zealand,as a result, I was very excited and ready to go.However,the days prior to travel date was fast and I did not feel that.In my way to the airport I was afraid of the length of the trip and what I should do in the stopovers.In the other hand,I was sad to leave friends and family.I left my country on 9 February 2008 from Bahrain Airoprt because my the beginning of my journey was from there.The route starts from Bahrain via Dubai and Singapore on the way to Christchurch.The first flight from Bahrain to Dubai and took 45 minutes and I had five hours as a stopover.Moreover,I had my lunch there and I walked around the airport which was the 20th busiest airport in by passenger traffic and one of the biggest airports around the world.Therefore,I did not feel bored there because I used wireless Internet for the rest of the time.In the evening was my second flight to Singapore.In addition, it took ten hours in the air and I was sleeping most of the time.I also watched some movies for some time.I arrived in Singapore Early in the morning after the exhausting journey.I had a stopover there which was 13 hours and I was tired and bored because I thought that is my ticket covers accommodation.As a result,I slept on the chairs for some time and I walked around.Furthermore,I went to the departure terminal before one hour because it was in other terminal at the airport.I left Singapore at night to New Zealand in flight which takes about 10 hours.Finally, I reached Christchurch Airport and I did not met anyone so I called the school to send someone to pick up me.After that there were absence of organize and arrangement because we went to CCEL and I have to wait until 5 p.m. and I was very tired.In addition,you can imagine that no one There is no one waiting for me at the airport.Then I went to sleep in the home stay which was near the airport.I did not impressed when I arrived but I surprised about the simple life here.There was no difference between my hometown and Christchurch because it is a rural city.I studied for two months at CCEL because my plan was a course for six months before I got the scholarships which has changed my life.On April 2008 I got University exam and I started at Canterbury University In English Academic Course.Therefore,the University was excellent and great place to study.

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