Sunday, July 19, 2009


I decided to study overseas because of the spirit of ambition and challenge to go into a new experience outside of my country and I dreamed of this since an early age. I like English language when I was at school so I was the first rank in the subject.In addition,I have not had any real difficulties to travel into a country with different language and culture.Ministry of Higher Education scholarship program abroad at government expense.When I graduated in 2005 so that was a great opportunity for me.Furthermore,the idea was brilliant and it deserves praise for achieving the dreams of many students and urging them to study hard in order to get it.Moreover,thousands of students of both sexes submitted their applications through the website of the Ministry.After verification of the documents have been issued and after a long process,the students informed through mobile phones and electronic E-mail.Consequently,20000 students has been accepted and most of them chose to study in America and Britain.However,the ministry did not notify me to be accepted because I scored %89 out of %100 so I thought that there is a mistake in my case and I went to talk with the administration in the capital city Riyadh.Then, I was surprised because I could not find my name in the system and I tried to meet with the minister or any official , but to no avail.As a result,I went back home with a sense of frustration and sadness.I tried to forget what happened but I could not because many of the students not eligible for Scholarship due to their The proportion of secondary school under %80.After that I got the admission to study in the technical college.I studied for three months and then I tried to get a job but it was difficult at that time due to the high unemployment rate.Moreover,I found a job and it was at steel factory but I did not complete because its work conditions and low wages.After a period of time decided study abroad and it was matter of time to find what I need.I chose U.K due to its high education and my plan is just English course but I changed my mind because it is expansive and the long process of issuing visa.Furthermore,I went to an agency so they advised me to go to New Zealand and to be honest I heared this country's name but I did not where it is so I thought that this country somewhere in Europe and its capital is Auckland.I found out about New Zealand and I laugh about that and I did not even that there is a country after Australia in that zone.In the other hand , my family were satisfied and encouraged me with this idea and to go after 2 years I spent in travelling around without benefit.Therefore,I was able to finish everything from airline tickets, accommodation and the Institute of Language in two weeks.I spent these two weeks to read about where I am going and what to do there so I established my plan which was for six months to learn English language at CCEL.Actually,I did not think about it to much because my dream was to go overseas and learn,as a result,I was excited about that.I decided to go to New Zealand because it is cheap if we compared it to Europe or USA and it does not require a visa for the first three months and this was a good reason for me .I left Saudi Arabia on 11 February 2008 and I cannot forget this day when I say see you to my family and friends.After a long way I reached New Zealand and I was tired exhausted.Then,I achieved my dream and took a scholarship after I spent 3 years in waiting and a month before the date of my return home.Although,I felt homesick in many days , I was patient to achieve the intended.Finlay,I think I chose the right decision to come here because I am happy to be here now.New Zealand is a popular destination and a beautiful country.

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